Pre TA Cruise Dinner

October 28, 2015

from 6 PM to whenever

Meet-up for dinner and/or drinks at the Duke of Wellington Restaurant/Pub, Southampton the evening prior to the transatlantic cruise.

Duke of Wellington
36 Bugle Street, Southampton, SO14 2AH – Phone 023 80339222
Dinner MenuGoogle Maps Link

Screen name Name #
Bajnok Francois (Quebec, Canada) 1
BBQTrips Steve & Sue (West Palm Beach, Florida, USA) 2
bound4sun Rosemary & Brian (Ontario, Canada) 2
Chrispyuno1 Chris & Melissa (Minnesota, USA) 2
cjc3008 Carolyn (United Kingdom) 1
Clemmie Kathy & Scott (California, USA) 2
Cruisercl Caron (Minnesota, USA) 1
CruiseWithUs64 Oliver 1
domfrontqueen Sue Denny (English expat living in Normandy, France) 1
dracutgirl Kathleen & Mina (FL, USA) 2
EdandDebbie Ed & Debbie (Idaho, USA) 2
flowerpetal2166, msheda Stephanie & Mike (Florida, USA) 2
Happy Sails 2 U Katy (Arizona, USA) 1
harryf Henry & Rebecca (Bedfordshire) 2
Jother Judye (Texas, USA) 1
kylenyc Kyle 1
md6228 Marla & Cory (Arizona, USA) 2
MekesMom Julie (California, USA) 1
MemawP Randy & Susan (Chicago, Illinois, USA) 2
mkmom50 Carol, Ted, & Matt 3
Nalagh Cherie (Delaware USA / Montreal Canada) 1
nottinghamsteve Steve & Karen (England, UK)* 2
peg013 Peggy & George (Pennsylvania, USA) 2
peg013 Steven & Mary(Pennsylvania USA & Canada) 2
Raineyrobinson Lorraine & Justin 2
rav4lady Diane (Ohio, USA) 1
reallyme Michael (California/Nevada, USA) 1
rthereanynamesleft Al & SanDee Fann (Fort Worth, TX, USA) 2<%

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