Amazing Escape Scavenger Hunt

Organized by NCL


Amazing Escape Scavenger Hunt

The Amazing Escape Scavenger Hunt promises to be one of the highlights of the cruise. Hunters of all ages are welcome! Teams of 4 to 6 can form at any time up to the start of the race! Solo travelers will be well taken care of.

Amazing Escape Scavenger Hunt Awards Dinner

6:00 PM

Later on, at 6:00 PM, the Amazing Escape Scavenger Hunt Awards Dinner will take place. We are assuming that the brave and mighty hunters will attend, but everyone is welcome, whether you are in the hunt or not. Please register for the hunt by posting in our roll call.


Team Bendyman’s Bathrobe Brigade

Screen Name Name #
kylenyc Kyle 1
peg013 Peggy & George (Pennsylvania, USA) 2
peg013 Steven & Mary (Pennsylvania USA & Canada) 2


Team MCapp

Screen Name Name #
capp Mimi, Charlie, Dickie, Courtney, Stan & Concelia (Illinois, USA) 4


Team Neither Clever Nor Fit

Screen Name Name #
Cruise Mama Tammy & Wayne (California, USA) 2
GolfHawaii Bruce (Wisconsin, USA) 2
nottinghamsteve Steve & Karen (England, UK)* 2
SandyIsRetired Sandy (Costa Rica) 1



Team Renegade Kumquats

Screen Name Name #
cliffy97 Dan & Bruce (England, UK) 2
hannah h7 Hannah & Brett 2


Team Schmidt

Screen Name Name #
mkmom50 Carol, Ted, & Matt 3


Team Scrappy

Screen Name Name #
Redcasey55 Dennis & Ray 2
Scrappytraveller Julie 1


Team Scrappy (Justine)

Screen Name Name #
Mr T Tony & Justine (England, United Kingdom) 1


Team The Pirates from Pittsburgh

Screen Name Name #
may301970 Steve & Ginny, Vicky (Florida, USA) 4


Looking for a team

Screen Name Name #
bound4sun Rosemary & Brian (Ontario, Canada) 2
cjc3008 Carolyn (United Kingdom) 1
Clemmie Kathy & Scott (California, USA) 2
CP Tech Rob & Haley (Ohio, USA) 2
daleroux Donna & Tom (Maryland, USA) 2
djmess Debbie & Brandon (North Carolina, USA) 2
flowerpetal2166, msheda Stephanie & Mike (Florida, USA) 2
JKrusey Krusey & Di (Florida) 2
Knoxcruiser Andrew & Cath (Knoxville, Tennessee, USA) 2
laurabegorrah Laura (New Jersey, USA) 1
luckylynn13 Lynn & Martin (United Kingdom) 2
Mattespaña Matt & Simon 2
Mooloo Edie (London, United Kingdom) 1
puddles99 Debbie (Pennsylvania, USA) 1
Raineyrobinson Lorraine & Justin 2
rav4lady Diane (Ohio, USA) 1
reallyme Michael (California/Nevada, USA) 1
ScottishCruiser1986 Keir & Stephan 2
Skip’s Ahoy Skip or Mark (Tennessee, USA) 1
SpyderV Verna (Missouri, USA) 1
suejok Sue (England, UK) 1
symba Billie & Harris Green (North Carolina, USA) 2
Texasannie Gail & Skip (Texas, USA) 2
the happy boaters Monica & Mick (United Kingdom) 2
Total 71

Last update: August 06, 2015