World of Chocolates

Day 4 – November 1st, 2015
2.00 PM
Tammy (Cruise Mama) has volunteered to organize this activity.

The event invites everyone to bring chocolates from their home town/country/recently visited place (even on board the ship) to share at a social event. There will be a few prizes in various categories (Chocolate farthest from home, most unique, yummiest, etc.).

Fun for everyone – of course, please bring chocolate!

We first began doing this in response to NCL not having their Chocolate Buffet on the large ships. It’s just another reason to get together – and who can turn down a good chocolate?

Screen Name Name #
BBQTrips Steve & Sue (West Palm Beach, Florida, USA) 2
Mattespaña Matt & Simon 2
MemawP Randy & Susan (Chicago, Illinois, USA) 2
Mooloo Edie & Victoria (London, United Kingdom) 2

Last update: August 06, 2015